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Work of Exeter’s Outreach team in helping rough sleepers highlighted

Published: 17 October 2023

Work of Exeter’s Outreach team in helping rough sleepers highlighted Exeter’s Outreach team

The work of Exeter’s Outreach team in helping rough sleepers has been highlighted to mark the recent World Homeless Day.

As our pictures show, Exeter’s Outreach team take part in a morning walk through the city centre to assist rough sleepers and offer help and advice.

The Assertive Outreach team are out on the streets on a regular basis, ensuring anyone who has been forced to sleep rough, or is leading a street-based lifestyle, understands the options available to come in.

The team, from Exeter’s Julian House, visit people where they are sleeping or spending time on the streets, usually early in the morning.

They are able to discuss an offer of accommodation either locally or by re-connecting the rough sleeper to their hometown.

The team can provide information on services that provide food, drug/alcohol treatment, mental health support, internet access and things like replacement clothes.

The people it supports are often people who have fallen into difficult circumstances, be that as victims of domestic abuse, mental health issues, family breakdown, childhood trauma and addiction.

Reports of anyone rough sleeping can be made by the public via Streetlink.

Julian House is a registered charity which gratefully receives donations. To help those forced to sleep rough in Exeter get a break and help get their lives back on track donate at

Exeter’s Outreach team Montage

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