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We can’t wait to make a splash at St Sidwell’s Point!

Published: 19 March 2021

St Sidwell's Point Blog Post 2 St SIdwell's Point

As St Sidwell’s Point gets ready to open for summer 2021, we shine the light on some of the centre's main features – the state-of-the-art swimming pools.

St Sidwell’s Point swimming pool features

The spectacular swimming pools at St Sidwell’s Point are definitely something to shout about! The complex will feature a main swimming pool with 8 lane competition pool, a learner pool and a confidence pool. An interesting fact about the pools is that the main pool and learner pool will have a moveable floor – giving everyone the opportunity to make a splash at St Sidwell’s Point, whether it’s a swimming lesson or a match of water polo! Keep your eyes peeled - we’ll soon be revealing schedules for the gym, fitness studios and indoor cycling within our blog series.

What makes the pools a healthy and safe environment?

Did you know? In an average 45-minute swimming session, a child will consume 1 pint of water? With this in mind, the developers of St Sidwell’s point have ensured that worrying about the quality of water will be a thing of the past. Due to new microfiltration technology, the swimming pool’s water will be drinking water quality – meaning that visitors who would usually suffer from chlorine-related problems can enjoy the leisure complex for much longer than they previously could. It’s believed that St Sidwell’s Point will be the first leisure centre in the UK to use this microfiltration process – even more reason to take a dip when the complex opens in the summer.

St Sidwell's Point Blog 2

To assist the well trained lifeguard team, drowning detection technology will be actively used at St Sidwell’s Point. Used to assist the lifeguards - those on duty will receive a series of alerts from the lifeguard monitor, displaying an unobstructed view below the water, if there is a potentially dangerous situation.

How will the swimming pools at St Sidwell’s Point be environmentally friendly?

St Sidwell’s Point has been designed to have a significantly low impact on the environment. Firstly, the complex will be filled with bright, natural daylight meaning that the swimming pool atmosphere will feel much warmer than a standard swimming pool.
Not only will St Sidwell’s Point be a one-of-a-kind leisure complex - the water consumption will be 50% lower and energy will be 70% lower than standard swimming pools!

The 3 swimming pools at St Sidwell’s Point will join the 3 current pools within Exeter; 2 within Riverside Leisure Centre (expected to open summer 2021) and Northbrook Swimming Pool (opening 12th April). Download the Exeter Leisure app below to stay up to date with the latest information, to find out more about our leisure services and memberships visit:

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