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Sighting of Adder in city park thought to be ‘unlikely’

Published: 11 June 2024

Sighting of Adder in city park thought to be ‘unlikely’ Heavitree Pleasure Ground

Advice has been issued to residents who may be concerned about recent reports of an Adder in an Exeter park.

Adders are often feared as they are the UK’s only venomous snake. But incidents of people or pets being bitten are very rare.

The elusive reptile is shy and secretive and will generally only bite in self-defence, if picked up or stepped on.

The Council recently received a report of a potential sighting of an Adder in Heavitree Park, although this is considered to be unlikely.

A spokesperson for the Council said: “Reports of recent sightings in Heavitree are unlikely to be an Adder. But if it is, there is no reason for residents to be concerned because Adders are extremely shy.

“Residents should be aware of their surroundings and keep to the well-maintained areas. Don’t venture into the long grass unnecessarily. There is plenty of space for both residents and wildlife to enjoy the site.”

Adders are protected by law as their numbers are declining.

Advice issued by Devon Wildlife Trust states: “Adders can be identified by the characteristic zig-zag pattern down its back, mainly found in woodland glades, on heathlands and coast paths. Adders are secretive animals and will generally only bite if picked up or trodden on.”

You can identify Devon’s different snakes at:

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