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Please don’t leave rubbish beside overflowing bins

Published: 16 March 2021

Overflowing bins Please don’t leave rubbish beside overflowing bins

Posters are going up around Exeter encouraging people to take their rubbish home with them – or find an empty bin – if they come across an overflowing bin in the city.

Staff at the Council have to empty around 900 bins across the city and often bins in popular spots – like the Quay – get filled up really quickly.

It comes after one of the windiest weeks of the year, when rubbish left beside bins has been blown around the city. Gulls and foxes will also pick out rubbish from overflowing bins.

“We do everything we can to make sure the bins are emptied regularly, but sometimes at popular times and on sunny days, we’re not able to get there before the bin is full up,” said Cllr David Harvey, Lead Councillor for City Management.

“Please be patient, we will get around to emptying the bins and if a bin is full I would encourage people to either take it to another bin or even take it home with them.” 

“Residents and visitors love Exeter as a beautiful city and I would encourage everyone to play their part in keeping it that way,” he added.

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