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Please do not leave litter beside overflowing bins

Published: 16 April 2021

Council urges people not to leave litter beside overflowing bins Please do not leave litter beside overflowing bins

People in Exeter are being encouraged not to leave rubbish beside overflowing bins but to instead find another bin nearby that is empty or take their rubbish home with them.

The call comes as the staff at the City Council are faced with an unprecedented level of litter in bins as people come out to enjoy the fine weather following the easing of ‘lockdown’ restrictions.

High Street Bins

Louise Harvey, Service Manager for Public and Green Spaces, who has worked for the City Council for many years, said: “I don’t recall seeing bins this busy, ever, not even the Saturday before Christmas.

“Pressure on our litter bins has increased substantially this week. Normally the litter bins get emptied first thing, then again mid-morning, then again in the afternoon and then checked at 5pm, just before the team finish at 6.

“However this week we have seen litter bins over flowing by mid-morning.  The pressure on our outdoor spaces is huge right now, and goes to show how much people really need them.

“Our staff empty around 900 bins across the city and are working around the clock to tackle this increase in demand.

“Please be patient, we will get around to emptying the bins but in the meantime, there are things people can do to help out. If a bin is overflowing then we would ask people to find another bin instead or take their rubbish home with them,” she added. “A number of posters have gone up around the city explaining this.”

Rubbish left beside bins can be targeted by gulls and foxes and made a lot worse than it is by being picked up and spread around.

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