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Lendology loans transforming Exeter homes for a greener future

Published: 6 October 2023

Lendology loans transforming Exeter homes for a greener future Solar panels

Exeter homeowners are embarking on a journey to enhance their properties by making them more energy-efficient and comfortable - thanks to a partnership between Lendology and the City Council.

The collaboration has led to some remarkable success stories for Exeter homeowners whose homes have undergone impressive transformations.

The social enterprise Lendology has been working with the Council since 2005, helping residents to improve homes through measures such as installing solar panels or air source heat pumps, improve their insulation and replace old boilers along with other environmental measures.

Neil, who owns a property on the city centre, found himself facing an all-too-common issue - condensation build-up on his property’s windows. The chill of winter was seeping in through the windows, driving up heating costs and causing discomfort.

Fortunately, Neil discovered a potential solution when he stumbled upon a Lendology leaflet included with his Council Tax bill.

With a pressing need to replace the gas between the glass panels of his windows, Neil turned to Lendology for an Energy Efficiency Loan and his experience was very positive. He said: “Great service, the loan helped to get the works to remove the condensation. Ticked all the boxes, in quick time, straightforward process, and Council-funded.”

Neil’s satisfaction didn't end there. He was so pleased with Lendology’s assistance that he recommended the organisation to a friend who needed a boiler replacement.

For homeowners like Neil, Lendology’s partnership with local councils provides accessible funding options that make essential home improvements more manageable.

Adam, another Exeter homeowner, faced a similar challenge. His property, dating back to the 1970s, had outdated windows and a boiler that had faithfully served since the property’s construction. High energy consumption was a constant concern, but a leaflet from Lendology delivered hope.

Motivated to improve his property’s energy efficiency, Adam reached out to Lendology with support from the Council. “I’d recommend Lendology,” he said. “It’s an extremely sensible organisation which isn’t trying to profiteer off people, and the entire scheme is approved by the Council.”

Adam’s story highlights Lendology’s commitment to helping homeowners achieve energy-efficient homes through accessible finance. The positive impact extends to the entire community as more homeowners take steps toward a greener and more cost-effective future.

Cllr Martin Pearce, Lead Councillor for Communities and Homeless Prevention, said: “Helping our residents to access finance to complete those much-needed home improvements, repairs and energy efficiency upgrades is so important.

“Enabling the people of Exeter to live in safe and efficient homes as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions are among some of the Council’s top priorities.”

Lendology’s partnership with Exeter City Council is transforming the landscape of home improvements. Whether battling condensation or seeking to update outdated fixtures, Lendology’s Energy Efficiency Loans, funded by Exeter City Council, could be the solution.

Lendology encourages residents to consider the positive impact loans can have on their property and the environment, and allowing homeowners in Exeter to take a step toward a greener and more sustainable future.

For more information about loan schemes funded via local councils, contact Lendology today and start the journey towards a greener and more cost-effective home.

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