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Exeter's Heritage Open Days 2022 revealed some hidden cultural gems

Published: 28 February 2023

Exeter's Heritage Open Days 2022 revealed some hidden cultural gems Heritage Open Days/Squeaky Pedal

A new video (Heritage Open Days/Squeaky Pedal) has captured the success of Exeter’s Heritage Open Days 2022 as residents and visitors got the opportunity to discover and explore the city’s cultural and historical treasures.

From the premiere of Belinda Zhawi’s In Transit at the old transit shed to the printmaking workshops held at various studios, the event showcased the varied and vibrant cultural scene in Exeter.

For many, the Heritage Open Days provided a unique opportunity to access places that they may have thought were off-limits.

Visitors were able to learn about Exeter's rich history and culture, and gain new perspectives on the city’s past.

The short video features popular events like the Bookworms Club for children, held at the Devon and Exeter Institution.

The club gave youngsters the chance to learn about the Great Exhibition, and to explore the collection of books and inventions housed at the institution.

Heritage Open Days, which encourages people to become aware of the treasures that lie hidden in their own communities and explore and discover the rich cultural heritage that surrounds them, will return to the city later in the year.

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