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Exeter’s Net Zero Carbon ambition and challenges set out in new report

Published: 17 June 2022

Exeter’s Net Zero Carbon ambition and challenges set out in new report Cllr Duncan Wood, Lead Councillor for Climate Change

The challenges involved in Exeter’s ambition of becoming a Net Zero Carbon city by 2030 have been highlighted in a new report presented to councillors.

Members of the City Council’s Strategic Scrutiny discussed the report presented by Exeter City Futures, which is collaborating with Exeter’s major institutions, including the City Council, on Exeter’s Net Zero 2030 ambition.

Cllr Duncan Wood, Lead Councillor for Climate Change, said: “It is an important document, looking at the challenges the city as a whole faces in its aspiration to be carbon neutral by 2030.

He said: "The clock is ticking and we have big challenges ahead but Exeter is well known for leading the way. It will take all of us to play our part in bringing Exeter's emissions down to make the city carbon neutral by 2030."

"The scale and complexity faced by cities and councils across the country in bring emissions down is significant.  This report helps by bringing the focus down to what we have to do together to achieve it in our city."

“The detailed report by Exeter City Futures makes for some stark reading in places."

One of the sectors that stood out in the report for me was that around 35 per cent of the carbon emissions in the city are from our homes and buildings.

Cllr Wood said it was obvious that we will all need to change behaviours in the years ahead to achieve the Net Zero as a crucial response to reduce the rate of climate change.

He said: “We need to look at things like the way we live, how we travel and how much energy we use. Reducing our emissions and making the city carbon neutral is going to take changes, but achieving the objective is crucial.”

Cllr Wood said the Council is backing the work of Exeter City Futures, who are bringing together all of the stakeholders and partners who can contribute to carbon reduction, including residents.

“Exeter can't do this alone to make the changes we need to make we are going to need significant support and funding."

“The Government needs to step up and deliver and not just talk about it. To achieve the national target of 2050 change needs to start now. They need to resource the kind of changes that we need to make, as business, organisations and individuals.”

He added: “I am proud to say that the City Council is doing its part. We have a Net Zero team that have done some impressive work. We are bringing down our carbon footprint and our emissions as an organisation. Our ongoing investment in generating sustainable green energy is just part of it.

“We will continue to deliver, and I am confident that the Council will become Net Zero by 2030. We are leading by example - hopefully others will join in and if the Government step up to the job we will be able to work through Exeter City Futures to make sure the city is Net Zero by 2030.”

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