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Exeter is one of the country’s top places to live for tree coverage

Published: 30 April 2021

Top place to live for tree coverage Photo by Marcus Brown

Exeter is one of the leafiest cities in the whole country, according to new research.

Green energy supplier OVO Energy has revealed the greenest parts of the country to live in according to tree cover percentage.

Working with Bluesky, an aerial survey company that analyses tree cover, the figures reveal Exeter is the second leafiest location in the country behind Surrey.

Thousands of trees have been planted in Exeter over the last decade, and there are plans to plant thousands of new ones.

Planting and protecting trees is one of the most readily available ways to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help slow down climate change.

Exeter, at 21 per cent coverage, comes in just ahead of nearby Plymouth.

The top five best areas to live in England for tree cover:

  • Surrey (30.92%)
  • Exeter (20.45%)
  • London (20.16%)
  • Plymouth (20.08%)
  • Gateshead (19.77%)

The five areas with the lowest tree cover percentage:

  • Portsmouth (3.97%)
  • Cornwall (4.46%)
  • Lincolnshire (5.67%)
  • Suffolk (7.67%)
  • Bristol (7.92%)

Kate Weinberg, Group Sustainability Director at OVO Energy, said “There is nothing more important than protecting the world we live in and trees are a huge part of that.”

Vic-tree! Cities beat rural areas for tree cover as OVO Energy reveals greenest and greyest parts of England

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