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Discussion on Exeter’s future development at the city’s RAMM museum

Published: 21 July 2022

Discussion on Exeter’s future development at the city’s RAMM museum Discussion on Exeter’s future development

A thought-provoking event to discuss how Exeter should develop in the years ahead has taken place at the RAMM.

It was hosted to coincide with the unique Brick by Brick exhibition at the museum which uses Lego models to help imagine Exeter’s future and capture its past.

The event was organised by Liveable Exeter, the programme responsible for delivering Exeter's vision of being a carbon neutral city whilst delivering the Exeter Plan, including 12,000 new homes on brownfield sites.

Delegates from a variety of organisations across the city previewed an interactive survey designed to capture the views of everybody in the city, from residents and workers to students and business owners.

Councillor Emma Morse, Lead Councillor for Planning and City Development, said those responsible for delivering the future vision and plan are committed to ensuring that everybody in Exeter has a say in what’s important to them.

She said: “The importance of this event is that it’s not just us telling people how we are going to develop but ensuring that we have the input and engagement of those most affected by development. To do this, we need everybody to get involved in the Exeter Plan.”

Council Leader Phil Bialyk, who attended the event, said it is very important young people have a voice and that organisations will need to work together to make sure that they are heard.

He said: “A child born today should, by the time they are an adult, live in a city that is inclusive, healthy, and sustainable. No single institution can do this on its own, and we know that we must collaborate in order to meet those challenges. This city should be an example to the world of how it can be done.”

David Hawes, Urban Designer and Rob Hilton from Hilton Barnfield Architects, spoke to guests about their innovative work on the Future Place Toolkit for Exeter.

He said: “We wanted to try to create a way that people can make the process their own. A whole variety of people - people who enjoy the city, finding a new job in the city. All of these expressions of home and anticipation are the ways that we want to equip people to say 'this is our city'.”

Visitors to the exhibition also heard from Exeter-based equality, diversity and inclusion consultant Maia Thomas who was keen to stress that those in marginalised groups must be included in any development.

She said: “It’s so important that the differences in our community are recognised. The youth, people in poor health, and those living in poverty all have so much to say and the needs of our communities must be supported.”

Liveable Exeter plan to talk to as many people as possible. Find out more about Liveable Exeter’s vision and how you can get involved in the Exeter Plan, at

The team from Liveable Exeter will be at the Brick by Brick exhibition every Wednesday during its run, to talk to members of the public about the vision for the future of the city and how they can get involved in the forthcoming Exeter Plan consultation.

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