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Christmas and New Year bin dates & recycling information

Published: 21 December 2021

Christmas and New Year bin dates Christmas and New Year bin dates

Christmas and New Year bin dates 

Your adjusted collection dates are listed below, but don't forget you can always visit to download your calendar or to sign up for emailed bin day reminders!

Collections Due Will be collected on:
Mon 27 Dec Wed 29 Dec
Tue 28 Dec Thu 30 Dec
Wed 29 Dec Fri 31 Dec
Thu 30 Dec Tue 4 Jan
Fri 31 Dec Wed 5 Jan
Mon 3 Jan Thu 6 Jan
Tue 4 Jan Fri 7 Jan
Wed 5 Jan Sat 8 Jan
Thu 6 Jan Mon 10 Jan
Fri 7 Jan Tue 11 Jan
Mon 10 Jan Wed 12 Jan
Tue 11 Jan Thu 13 Jan
Wed 12 Jan Fri 14 Jan
Thu 13 Jan Sat 15 Jan
Fri 14 Jan Mon 17 Jan
Mon 17 Jan Tue 18 Jan
Tue 18 Jan Wed 19 Jan
Wed 19 Jan Thu 20 Jan
Thu 20 Jan Fri 21 Jan
Fri 21 Jan Sat 22 Jan
Mon 24 Jan Back to normal


Wrapping paper
Like in previous years, we are unable to take wrapping paper in the green bin.

It simply doesn’t recycle, as the quality is too poor, so please use your black bin if you can’t reuse the wrapping next year. Please note that the recycling centres similarly do not accept wrapping paper of any kind (paper or metallic) for recycling.

Consider using reusable cloth wrappings or gift boxes.

Brown paper is still recyclable, and can be printed with water-based paint or inks. Newspaper or old comics also make fun wrappings.

Please do not put these in your green bin.

Since many Christmas cards are covered in glitter, and most are not of sufficient quality to recycle with higher-quality paper and card anyway, we can’t take them in the green bin.

Recycling centres will accept NON GLITTERY Christmas cards for recycling, but why not consider making them into tags for next year’s gifts instead?

In your green bin this Christmas:
Include the usual suspects:

Food tins
Drinks cans
Aluminium foil (scrunch small bits together into a larger ball)
Newspaper and magazines
Cereal boxes
Empty loo rolls
Plastic pots, tubs and trays – including black
Plastic bottles
Plastic bags (no compostable/biodegradable bags and no ‘crinkly’ bags like salad bags, pasta and rice packets and nut packets)
Plus don’t forget:

Toy packets (card and plastic separated)
Cardboard packages
Plastic gift packaging
Plastic coat hangers (minus the metal hook)

Christmas trees
When the sad time has come to take down your tree, you have a number of options for posing of it.

ECC garden waste customers can place their tree out for collection with or without their brown bin on their first garden collection of the year (see from late January for your collection dates).

You can take it to one of Devon County Council’s recycling centres in Exeter – either in Marsh Barton or on Pinbrook Road.

You can sign up to Hospiscare’s scheme for a donation:

Please do not put your tree out with your black bin as it will not be collected.

Please do not leave your tree in an ECC car park for collection by the Council. We do not have the resources to collect and dispose of trees other than those put out with brown bins. Leaving a tree in a public space is an act of fly tipping and puts a strain on our services. Thank you.

There are glass bank sites all across the city and at the major supermarkets. No doubt there will be extra glass to deposit over the Christmas and New Year period and our collection team will be working hard to empty the banks. If your usual banks are full, however, please do not leave any glass beside the banks as this causes a lot of extra work at a time when services are stretched.

Blow the snow
Be prepared! If it snows, go to for advice about what to do with your waste and to find out when collections will take place.

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