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Street parking during lockdown

Published: 13 November 2020

Please leave space Street parking during lockdown

In his regular feature, Denis the Dustcart reminds residents to be considerate when parking during lockdown.

You can follow Denis on his Facebook page to keep up with information about Recycling issues.

Parking in Exeter’s streets can be tight at the best of times. Right now there are more cars parked on the streets than usual, so it’s really important that everyone parks considerately to allow bin crews access to roads.

It goes without saying that if our crews can’t get through, the emergency services are going to struggle, too.

It would be a great help if people could avoid parking on corners and park as close to the kerb as possible.

Here’s what to do if your bin is missed due to the crew being unable to reach your property.

If their vehicle can’t gain access to your road, the crew will try again on two occasions on subsequent days. Leave your bin out and check for details of the issue.

If the crew is unable to access your road on subsequent attempts, please take your bin back in, store the waste and put it out on your next collection day for that colour bin.

Thank you for continuing to support our crews through this challenging period.

Key points to remember:

  • Bins out after 6pm the night before, but before 6am on the day.
  • Report missed collections via (by midnight the following day, if you believe your bin was out at the correct time and at the correct place).
  • If your bin was not out when the crew arrived, they will not return for it. We don’t guarantee a time of collection, only a day. Store the waste and put it out again next time, after reporting it via
  • Leave your bin out until you have checked what the situation is. Bring it back in if you see we are not able to return for it.
  • If your road has been missed, leave your bins out and check for details.
  • Park as considerately as possible to allow access for our vehicles and the emergency services. Our crews can only attempt entry to a road three times before the waste will need to be stored for collection next time.

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